Diameter of the filter Level of filtration Purifying capacity
SaniTEE® 416 4“(10cm) 1/16” (0.15 cm) Up to 1000 GPD (3785 LPD)
SaniTEE® 418 4“(10cm) 1/8” (0.32 cm) Up to 2000 GPD (7571 LPD)
SaniTEE® 818 8“(20cm) 1/8” (0.32 cm) Up to 6000 GPD (23 m3/D)
SaniTEE® 838 8“(20cm) 3/8” (0.95 cm) Up to 10000 GPD (38 m3/D)
SaniTEE® 1618 16“(40cm) 1/8” (0.32 cm) Up to 10000 GPD (38 m3/D)
SaniTEE® 1638 16“(40cm) 3/8” (0.95 cm) Up to 20000 GPD (75 m3/D)

SaniTEE ™ self-cleaning, elastic filters for polluted water (often known as filters for the outgoing water from the septic container) are designed to reduce the presence of solid particles in the outlet water from the septic container by increasing the natural settling and prevent raised by the gas particles to enter the outlet. Additionally, the patent overflow holes Sani-TEE, facilitate the entry of a large flow, providing an even flow of purification. These features help to extend the life of drainage fields, reducing the clogging of nozzles in the exhaust and allow flexibility in using different types of pumps. Filters for wastewater SaniTEE are produced in sizes of 4″, 8″and 16″ models with a flow capacity up to 20, 000 gallons a day. Also can be combined several filter for capacity over 20, 000 gallons a day.

Unique design features

1. Self-cleaning filter and a function for easy cleaning – The smooth outer surface of SaniTEE® helps the return of solids back into the septic tank. All particles that could potentially become trapped in the slot, can easily be removed with a simple shaking of the filter.

2. “Key” overflows – large volume flows are common in normal residential applications filter due to simultaneous release of water from many sources in the home (e.g. Wash day). The patented overflow with a shape of a lock contributes to the regulation and suppression of such strong flows which otherwise may carry the solids out of the tank along with outgoing water.

3. Specific coupler – Used in SaniTEE filters between 8 “and 16”. The coupler acts as a specially designed outlet sleeve to prevent scum and particles raised from the gases being discharged into the drainage system. Once the coupler is securely fixed to the tank (toward its wall) and is connected to the outlet tube, SaniTEE filter easily enter into the extension like a sword in a sheath.

4. Staged under angle slots – similar to those used in the industrial filters for wells are used because they are resistant to blinding (clogging) to a much greater extent than conventional filters meshwork. The appropriate slot does not allow solids to pass. It is further demonstrated that the majority of solids in the tank float horizontally like a leaf on the water surface. Therefore the angular orientation of the slots is much more certain that will block the entry of solids.

5. Blocking of the particles raised by the gas – It is known that solids may be raised by various gasses present in septic tank. These gas-lifted particles often reach the end of the outlet sleeve and go along with the outgoing water. When using the filter SaniTEE the flow of water comes from sideways, not from below, which automatically eliminates the possibility of release of such gas-lifted particles.