Who we are?


Association “Center for energy solutions” is a non-profit organization for realization of public benefit activity. Our missions is to popularize and help of the sustainable energy insurance, protection of the natural resources, following the ethical and research standards in the field of the energetic, and also stimulation of the educational activities in the field of the renewable sources of energy.


  • To help the sustainable energy insurance by studying and popularizing the present-day energy and high tech solutions.
  • To help the development and elaboration of new energy technologies and to extend their range.
  • To inform the society of the innovative energy technologies and to popularize them.
  • To affirm the protection of the natural resources by highly applying renewable sources of energy.
  • To affirm the present-day ethical and research standards in the field of the energetic and ecology.
  • To help and develop the professional education in the field of energetic.
  • To protect the rights and the interests of the energy experts in Bulgaria.
  • To popularize among the public the nature of the work and profession of companies and experts from the RES sector.
  • To establish  and develop connections with similar international organizations.

Together for a better World!