Solar pumps

Solar pumps – autonomous, reliable, mobile

Fairly every two persons on our planet don’t have access to clear water. Without it the progress and development are impossible. But even though, when the water is not enough, the solar energy can be used to supply water there where it’s needed. The independent PV systems are sure and completely self-sufficient source of energy for water supply on a profitable price. The solar pumps systems don’t need fuel and that is why the transport is on a good price and the need of maintenance is minimal.

Solar pumps are secure and absolutely independent source of energy for water supply on a good price. The expenses of their exploitation are minimized as they are powered by solar energy. There is no need of generators with fuel, battery systems or long transmission networks. The most important advantage is that they are designed for water supply and irrigation of agricultural land without causing environmental pollution. Solar water pumps can be successfully used for irrigation of orchards, greenhouses, planting different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The flexibility of the solar pumps allows the entire system to be installed very close to the source of water or even to float in irrigation canals. This increase the efficiency and reduce losses caused by leaching and run-off.

Connecting scheme of the solar pumps systems