Waste water solutions

A modern systems for waste water, alternative products for septic systems, systems for collecting rain water, which submit unique solutions for decentralized homes, little gated complexes and business properties worldwide.

Decentralized purifying systems are forward designed systems used for collecting, handling and scattering (or second use) of wasted water at or close to the place of formation of the waste.
Often by “little systems” is understood their use mostly in homes and the bigger decentralized systems for waste water are ideal for neighborhoods, villages, restaurants and resorts, industrial areas, institutions or sea vessels.
Those „alternative systems for waste water“ reduce the pollution of underground waters by decomposition of organic waste and more effective removal of the nutritives.

With conventional septic systems only 10% – 40% from the purification actually happens in the tank. Advanced systems for wastewater treatment make 90% – 95% form the purification before discharging into the environment. The process of natural purification of these modern systems use a fixed, integrated approach to the natural decrease of pollutants falling into water streams and underground waters. That is why it is not a problem for those systems to be used close to the source of underground waters.

High quality products for decentralized areas with economically and effective purification of the waste water and rain systems providing clear water and clear environment for the future generations.