Power supply of the public grid with electricity generated by you

Due to the increase of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide are taken a number of initiatives helping to reduce them. In this regard, the production of electricity from renewable sources of energy is increasingly tolerated at the expense of traditional ones which are not only incompatible with ecological principles but also it is assumed that they are exhaustible. The solar energy is easily accessible, free, and it’s transformation into electricity is accompanied by low running costs.


Let the sun work for you: Your own PV plant transform the solar energy into electricity with which you can directly power the public grid. This way you not only use the produced electricity for your own needs, saving lots of costs, but also you have the opportunity to earn extra from your investment. And the most important – you save natural resources and prevent environmental destruction.

In Bulgaria the procedures to build a photovoltaic plant are regulated by the Law on Spatial Planning, the Law on Renewable energy sources and Law on the Energy Act.

Solar systems – invest it your own energy independence and secure!