Maximum capacity of the purification Size of the module
(L х W х H)
[you need 18” (45,7cm) circular opening]
Volume of the module PE of the module Pound Kilogram
RetroFAST® 0.150 150 GPD (567 LPD) 1 to 3 22” (55 cm) x 24” (61 cm) x 32” (81 cm) 74 lbs 34 kg
RetroFAST® 0.250 250 GPD (947 LPD) 1 to 4 27” (67 cm) x 30” (76 cm) x 34” (85 cm) 125 lbs 57 kg
RetroFAST® 0.375 375 GPD (1420 LPD) 1 to 5 39” (98 cm) x 30” (76 cm) x 34” (85 cm) 156 lbs 71 kg


The effective solution for every home

The conventional septic systems use septic pits which keep insoluble materials and drain the water to provide big part of the purification and dispersion of the wastewater. During the working process in the drain field can be formed a sticky layer which forbid the free cleaning… In fact all of this is very complicated. We offer you the best solution. If you want to purify wastewater of your home effectively and easily just choose some of the models from RetroFAST® series.

Flexibility and easy installation

RetroFAST is designed so that it can be placed in the already existing tank, which means there is no need of any excavation. And if there are they will be small and completely pursuant with your requirements.

How RetroFAST works?

Series models RetroFAST work on the same principle as the larger systems from MicroFAST. Air pump and its particle filter are the only elements that need maintenance and of course regular pumping of the sludge.

When highly treated with dissolved oxygen wastewater flow to a biologically failing system for absorption into the soil, the clogging layer can be recovered alone. This occurs because RetroFAST® removes these contaminants that form this layer and the oxygenated water of RetroFAST helps the development of aerobic bacteria in the soil that will naturally digest the existing clogged layer.

Will it work for me too?

Most of the new conventional systems or those who already are biologically inactive are good candidates for upgrading with RetroFAST but each case is unique. Please contact us for more information to determine whether RetroFAST is suitable for you.

Proven, safe, reliable.

FAST® extraordinary technology was originally developed by Smith & Loveless, Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for wastewater treatment by 1946. FAST has been used successfully for over 30 years in municipal, industrial, marine, commercial and residential areas.

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