Maximum capacity of the purification Size of the module
(L х W х H)
Volume of the module PE of the module Pound Kilogram
HighStrengthFAST® 1.0 ~900 GPD (3400 LPD) Contact us 59” (150 cm) x 30” (76 cm) x 56” (130 cm) 165 lbs 75 kg
HighStrengthFAST® 1.5 ~1500 GPD (5600 LPD) 60” (152 cm) x 43” (109 cm) x 55” (130 cm) 185 lbs 84 kg
HighStrengthFAST® 3.0 ~3000 GPD (11350 LPD) 60” (152 cm) x 43” (109 cm) x 55” (130 cm) 200 lbs 91 kg
HighStrengthFAST® 4.5 ~4500 GPD (17000 LPD) 59” (150 cm) x 48” (122 cm) x 57” (145 cm) 215 lbs 98 kg
HighStrengthFAST® 9.0 ~9000 GPD (34050 LPD) 82” (208 cm) x 55” (140 cm) x 58” (147 cm) 456 lbs 207 kg


Established, safe, reliable

HighStrengthFAST® systems for purification of polluted water are suitable for restaurants, schools, campsite, offices, commercial properties and etc. Trade complexes are one of the most challenging projects due to the large biological loading (BOD) and fats, oils, grease (FOG) which are considerably higher than the standard sanitary-fortified? dirty channels. Some constructions can have additional challenges which can affect on the purification system for polluted water due to the unique characteristics of certain project. The projects for purification of polluted water must be prepared considering those features and not only the requirement for capacity. HighStrengthFAST systems for purification of water are established, innovative purification products which provide strong, highly productive process of purification for overcoming the challenges of our changing world. Reliable, available… FAST.

The true beauty of those remarkable systems is how good they work.

FAST® is a remarkable simple technology based on nature and simple scientific principles. The FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) process use unique hybrid combination of applied and suspended process of growth in aerobic bioreactor. This established IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) combination include the stability of completely submerged, fixed system and the effectiveness of the active sludge purification, making the innovative, original FAST system technologically advanced and incredibly reliable.

Reduction of nitrogen

The projects for nitrification and denitrification are much easier with the FAST technology. Many biological, bio-chemical, chemical and physical processes take place simultaneously in the system for purifying waste water FAST. HighStrengthFAST purification systems have proven to reduce nitrogen levels – including nitrates and other nitrogen species – at exceptionally high rates.

How it works?

1. HighStrengthFAST® systems for purification of waste water process the polluted water from restaurants, schools, campsites and other commercial properties.

2. The natural separation and settling processes occur prior to entering the treatment module HighStrengthFAST.

3. Mounted at a distance and above the ground compressor, the only moving part of the system, set air (oxygen) in the treatment module to facilitate the circulation of the polluted water through the channels of the installation.

4. FAST fixed system provides high exchange coefficient between the surface and volume to achieve exceptional growth of microbes in small, medium and large use of the system.

5. Clean, odorless, purified water is ready for standard or innovative use.

Technical specifications

Materials of construction: Made with 100% anti-corrosion materials and contain recycled materials.
FAST® Installation: FAST systems are mounted inside tanks above or below ground. The containers can be made of concrete, fiberglass, steel or plastics materials. Please read the product characteristics for tank recommendations. Always check local regulations before installing or altering a wastewater system. Contact us for more information about the container that suits you.
Capacity: FAST are manufactured in several convenient, affordable sizes and configurations. Please contact us for more information about the FAST system that is suitable for you.
Options: Check your local regulations. Extremely high level of purification may allow a reduction of locations for drainage and using the treated water for irrigation or other use.
Power requirements: The electrical components are made according to all world’s electrical characteristics (voltage / phase / frequency).
Maintenance Requirements: Once installed the FAST systems are used with almost no maintenance. The only moving part in the system is the compressor which is mounted on no more than 33 meters from the unit. It is recommended periodic review of electrical components. Residues should be removed when possible.