Debit StormTEE ® Model Inner diameter of the pipe
BioSTORM ® 0.5 0.5 CFS (14 LPS) SMT838 8” (20 cm)
BioSTORM ® 1.0 1 CFS (28 LPS) SMT838 8” (20 cm)
BioSTORM ® 1.5 1.5 CFS (42 LPS) SMT838 12” (30 cm)
BioSTORM ® 3.0 3 CFS (85 LPS) SMT1638 12” (30 cm)
BioSTORM ® 5.0 5 CFS (142 LPS) SMT1638 12” (30 cm)
BioSTORM ® 10.0 10 CFS (283 LPS) (2) SMT1638 18” (46 cm)


Diameter of the filter Level of filtration
StormTEE ® 838 8” (20 cm) 3/8“ (0.95cm)
StormTEE ® 1638 16” (41 cm) 3/8“ (0.95cm)


BioSTORM® is patented system for handling rainwater specializing in the treatment of waste, deposits, oil and other pollutants from effluent water when raining. The system is passive and include patented, self-cleaning display StormTEE™ and waterworks module which is installed in concrete tank underground. The flexibility of the system allows the two modules to be used together to achieve a unique purifying effect. Fast, efficient and reliable.
How BioSTORM works?
1. The first part of BioSTORM use the display for solids StormTEE™ to separate the bulky waste from the rainy stream.
2. The water flow and smaller particles pass through StormTEE to the waterworks module of the system.
3. The waterworks module consists special membrane for filtration of solids and separating oils.
4. The remaining small particles are blocked by the bars of the membrane and settle on the bottom which helps their removal.
5. Oil entering the system rise to the surface of the water, where they remain until their pumping.
6. The clean rainwater direct towards the outlet to flow to the total flow of rainwater or the environment.